Inexpensive and versatile

Digital displays for milling, turning and grinding machines. Assembly service on request.

Linear position measuring systems on a magnetic basis

Inexpensive, precise and reliable for harsh environmental conditions

Linear position measuring systems on an optical basis

Precise and reliable even at high travel speeds

High quality display and measuring systems
for mechanical engineering and plant engineering.

We have been supplying well-known machine tool manufacturers, specialist dealers and end users for over 20 years
Machine components – all over Europe up to the USA and Australia.

As a family business, we offer you the best possible support – even after the purchase and delivery.
With us, your concerns are a matter for the boss, in the truest sense of the word.

How do I change the counting direction?

As is well known, the devil is in the detail. And so after delivery and successful installation, questions sometimes arise about the correct use of the digital display. Many “problems” are actually not. As a rule, a few simple steps are enough and everything runs as desired.

But where can I find quick and competent answers to my questions?

You will find detailed instructions for use in your operating instructions. We are also happy to provide you with information by phone. However, our YouTube channel will provide you with short and precise answers to many of your questions.

Is your digital position indicator counting in the wrong direction? No problem. Here we show you how to set the desired counting direction in just a few steps.

Link to the YouTube video

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