Dust, water, dirt:

Magnetic displacement position measuring system
for use in challenging environmental conditions.

Our MSXmagnetic position measuring system meets the very highest demands in terms of reliability and precision. It is the result of more than 25 years supporting our customers. High-quality components produced in Europe ensure a high level of functional reliability and a long service life.

The system is especially suitable for longmovement paths. It enables a high traversing speed in rough environmental conditions – e.g. for woodworking, rock cutting, metalworking and laser cutting.

The entire system is insensitive to dust and water as well as shock, vibration and pressure in accordance with protection class IP68.
It is designed for operation at temperatures from -20° to +85° C.

Bi-directional reference mark

A bi-directional reference mark can be optionally integrated on the measuring tape or available as a stick-on reference mark.



Outstanding features:

  • Resolution 5 µm
  • High transversing speeds
  • Extremely insensitive to dirt
  • Movement paths of up to 6.4 m in one; modular: on request
  • Freely positionable reference mark
  • Input signal 5V TTL


The dimensionsof the magnetic scale:

The protective housing of the magnetic scale:

We supply dirt/water-protected magnetic measuring rods in all desired lengths up to 6.4 m (in one piece). Other lengths available on request on a modular basis.

Linear Magnetic System K+C MSX

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