High quality and innovative:

Encapsulated Magnetic Scales from European production

Our magnetic measuring systems MS-S and MS-M meet the highest requirements for reliability and precision. High-quality components and sophisticated workmanship make this European product a reliable partner in the rough and tumble of everyday workshop life.

Thanks to its innovative design, the system is suitable for use on both conventional and CNC machine tools. Due to the non-contact measurement, it is low-wear and ensures good linearity. There is no need for compensation. This makes it just the right choice for woodworking, rock cutting as well as for metal or plastic processing.

According to protection class IP68, the entire system is insensitive to dust and water as well as to shock, vibration and pressure. It is designed for operation at temperatures from -30° to +85° C.

Malfunction: Kontrol LED lights up red

Immediate error detection

In normal operation, the control LED lights up green. In case of malfunction, it immediately changes to red. This enables immediate fault detection.

PDF download Flyer K+C Encapsulated Magnetic Scales:

Flyer_encapsulated magnetic scales

Outstanding features:

  • Resolution 5 µm
  • high transversing speeds
  • insensitive to micro vibration
  • dirt resistant
  • Travels up to 1,200 mm
  • Input signal 5V TTL


The dimensions of the scales:

Suitable for harsh workshop conditions:

Double sealing lips and aluminum housing

Double sealing lips, a robust aluminum housing and a stainless steel cover ensure reliable protection of the magnetic scales – even under challenging working conditions.

Encapsulated Magnetic Scales MS-S and MS-M

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