Inexpensive and versatile:

Built-in Digital Readout
for mechanical engineering

Our digital displays are also available in a built-in version for installation in a dust-free housing or control cabinet. Technically speaking they are identical to the standard displays. These versions therefore also meet the rigorous requirements for day-to-day use in rough workshop conditions. High-quality components made by well-known European manufacturers guarantee a high level of functional reliability and a long service life.

And should there ever be any problem: you can rely on us to take care of it – either by means of software update for download, hardware repair or device exchange. We also take back old appliances and renew them on request.

Outstanding features:

  • convenient operating functions
  • wide range of functions for versatile use
  • highly accurate glass scales based on laser measurement
  • alternatively: Magnetic scales with reference point
  • mounting parts (support arm, installation brackets and plates) included

The display:

  • membrane keypad insensitive to dirt and chemicals
  • robust aluminium housing with scratch-resistant paint finish
  • complete housing sealing for rough workshop conditions
  • overvoltage protection for high functional safety
  • connection facility for measuring probe

The position measuring system:

  • high quality Glass rulers with a resolution of 5µ or 1µ for cylindrical grinding machines or optionally for lathes
  • high accuracy through laser measurement
  • robust aluminium housing with four sealing lips (except type S5 with two sealing lips)
  • five-fold ball bearing for reading head slide, a spring compensates for misalignments between scale and machine slide
  • insensitive to vibration
  • thermal compensation pre-installed in the display unit
  • data cable with safety sheath
  • can be supplied for movement paths of up to 3000 mm
  • Alternatively can a Magnet measuring system can be used, with which you can place a Reference point can put

Built-in Digital Readout K+C ARBAH L/M

*) 1 µm resolution, eg for cylindrical and surface grinding machines


Download Flyer K+C Digital Readouts

The digital displays include those optimized for them optical or magnetic measuring systems as well as that complete accessories for assembly:

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