Highly accurate and universal:

Linear optical position measuring system
for mechanical engineering and plant engineering.

Our linear optical position measuring system is based on a high-quality glass scale with optical scaling which is scanned by a reading head. Both feature optimum protection in a robust aluminium housing with double sealing lips. The system meets the very highest demands in terms of reliability and precision based on 20 years of practical experience in the rough conditions of day-to-day production.

High-quality components made by well-known manufacturers guarantee a high level of functional reliability and a long service life.

The system is suitable for high transversing speeds in rough environmental conditions in the areas of woodworking,
rock cutting, metalworking, textiles, printing, packaging, plastics processing, automation and assembly systems, laser/flame/water-jet cutting, electronic assembly, etc..

The entire system is insensitive to dust and water as well as shock, vibration and pressure in accordance with protection class IP53.
It is designed for operation at temperatures from 0° to +80° C.

Optimum protection

A robust aluminium housing with double sealing lips protects the glass scale and scanning unit from chips, dust and splash water.

Available in four different sizes:

S5: Length 50-550 mm (50 mm each + special length S5130 mm)

M5:Length 50-1200 mm (50 mm each)

X5: Length 1300-3000 mm, Length 1300-2200 mm (100 mm each), from 2400-3000 mm (200 mm each)

M1:Length 50-1200 mm from 50-500 mm (50 mm each), from 600-1200 mm (100 mm each)

Outstanding features:

  • high-quality glass scales with a resolution of 5 µm or 1 µm for the M1 scales
  • high level of accuracy based on laser measurement and calibration
  • high transversing speeds
  • robust aluminium housing with four sealing lips for protection from chips, dust and splash water
  • insensitive to vibration
  • Reader head slide with five-fold ball bearing and spring to compensate for misalignments between scale and machine slide
  • wired ready for connection with 3-metre data cable and
    round plug DIN 7
  • data cable with safety sheath
  • Electrical connection: + 5 V / TTL signal
  • Protection class: IP 53
  • aluminium installation rail, protective bracket and fixing material included
  • can be supplied for movement paths of up to 3000 mm


The dimensionsof the glass scales here also as PDFfile:


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